Drillers INMECA manufactured for BIELOMATIK machines are useful for high capacity production, designed to withstand harsh working days.

We use the latest generation of EDM machines which combined with suitable steels, machining methods and suitable thermal processes, gives them a high quality product.

Due to its high work output includes a felt are dipped in oil, to lubricate the punch and increasing Comb life.

Produce matrices for all models BIELOMATIK, either in the plot or standard drilling frames

Special drilling indicated by the customer, which is made a study and given a prototype of the final drill.

Among the models we find BIELOMATIK

P 12/48, P12 / 49, P35 / 49 Caps P35 / 49 Sheets

P 15/90, P22 / 49, P32 / 49, P 596, P248