Who we are?

INMECA is a company formed by a team of professionals

highly qualified with extensive experience in machining.

Over the years he has specialized in the field of graphic arts,

becoming an unmistakable benchmark for all companies

they need solutions to their production needs.

Working closely with our customers we develop projects

in order to improve production.

INMECA has art machinery with which

we managed to get a high quality product.

We do?


Imagen ilustrativa de Matriceria

INMECA és a manufacturer of graphic matrices and other graphic products sector.

Produce arrays of different models of machines on the market.


Spare Parts

Imagen ilustrativa de Spare Parts

INMECA continues to be a leading company in the machining

manufacturing from the simplest to the most complex part.

We carry spare parts for various industries, graphic arts, automotive, special machinery.



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Consequence of the high quality of our products, customers increasingly demanded we need to have a section of sharpened .Where resolved to find your production needs and avoid constant stops machines.